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59 Webster Street

Lewiston, Maine 04240


SagePlace Office 002SagePlace is a community based counseling, training,and learning center offering visitors a wide arrayof opportunities to enhance healing and emotional,
spiritual, and physical wellbeing.It is also a gathering place for discussionand support groups, a place of quiet and serenity,and a lovely warm and welcoming haventhat encourages self-expression, personal balance, self-care, and community.Tammie chose the name SagePlace for a number of reasons.First, it represents the inherent wisdom that lives within each of us.
Second, it reflects the natural world symbolized by an herb whose name originates from theLatin term,salvere,” which translates as “the plant which saves and heals.”
Third, it is an acronym for Spirituality,Awareness,Growth, and Emotional/Environmental/Physical healing and well being.
SagePlace Office 047SagePlace Office 051
The licensed and or certified professionals at SagePlace are committed to working with clients holistically in orderto facilitate healing and support both personaland spiritual growth.

SagePlace Office 044Our Services include:

  • Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Personal Growth and Support Groups
  • Classes and Retreats
  • Continuing Education Training for Mental Health and Allied Health professionalsSpiritual Direction and Exploration
  • Life Celebrations

Continuing EducationSagePlace Office 053

We are committed to supporting mentalhealth and allied health professionals by offering high quality training as well as providing opportunities for growth,renewal and self-care. Our workshops are small, occurin a warm and inviting home-like setting,and focus on meeting the individual needs and goals of each participant.
Provider Training
The training series for mental health and allied health care providers includes but is not limited to:

  • The Power of Ritual and Narrative in Working with the Dying
  • Spiritually Integrated Counseling
  • The Journey Through Loss
  • From Quake to Quest: Creating pathways to Possibility
  • Life, Death and the Sacred
  • Spirituality and Healing: Exploring our Own, Supporting Our Clients
  • Solution Focused and Narrative Therapy
  • Sacred Space: Spirituality in Health Care
  • Healing, Intuition and Creativity
  • The Psychological Aspects of Surgery
  • Healing and Healer Narratives
  • Creativity as a Healing Path
  • Treating Sexual Abuse Survivors With Solution Focused, Narrative, and IFS Techniques

Life Long Learning
SagePlace also proudly offers a series of workshops designed to promote personal and spiritual growth which includes the following series:

  • The Midlife as Spiritual Journey Series
  • The From Quake to Quest Series
  • The Woman’s Room Series
  • The Deepening Your Spirituality Series
  • The Life as Art Series
  • The Marriage as a Sacred Path Series
  • The Honoring Our Stories Series
  • The Transformational Leadership Series
  • The Work as a spiritual Path Series
  • The Simplicity, Authenticity, and Sustainability Series

To Learn more about SagePlace call 207-620-0792 To learn more about Tammie Byram Fowles,Ph.D, LCSW

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