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Many families today are demanding memorial services that are as unique and special as the person who has died.
A service that no longer focuses on death, but on the celebration of life; a celebration that is unforgettable, creative, and  completely personal.

As a certified celebrant and licensed clinical social worker, Tammie Fowles is well prepared to be available to the family before and after
the life celebration in order to provide support and opportunities for healing.

Tammie works closely with family and friends to provide moving and beautiful life celebrations that are created to uniquely honor the lives of the living, terminally ill, and the deceased.
Headquartered in Lewiston, Maine and in Venice, Florida , she serves communities from Portland to Bangor, Maine and from Tampa to Naples, Florida

Range of Services:
Services can be limited to creating and facilitating life celebrations or can include a wide range of  additional supportive services and options including individual and family counseling,  anniversary celebrations and weekend healing retreats.

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