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tell me what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
---Mary Oliver--



BirthQuake A Journey to Wholeness

Watch Public Television's "BirthQuakes: Stories of Transformative Life Events" based on the book, "BirthQuake" by Tammie Fowles

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SagePlace is dedicated to supporting individuals committed to issues related to the healing and wholeness of the mind, body, spirit, and earth.

Please make yourself at home and visit for a while. Explore our present offerings and share your own wisdom, experience, and concerns with others who find their way here.

We invite you to Read excerpts from BirthQuake: Journey To Wholeness which explores how we not only heal and recover from pain and loss, but how we can be  transformed by them. 

Read articles related to Psychotherapy, holistic therapy, feminist therapy and other issues related to healing of interest to mental health professionals and helpers.

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Check out our growing collection of thought provoking quotes in Words of Wisdom.  

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Read thought provoking Interviews and consider  Where Have All the Frogs Gone?  

Don't forget to stop by our links page,  Gifts from the Web, where you'll find some wonderful resources. 

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We hope you enjoy your stay and will come again as this page is continuously under development.

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Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer in your community?  If so, Pay a visit to Serve Net.


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