Tammie Fowles is a psychotherapist, author, life coach, and certified celebrant currently practicing in Lewiston, Maine and Sarasota, Florida. She has a Masters Degree in Social Work and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She is the author of "BirthQuake: The Journey to Wholeness."

Tammie provides psychotherapy, life coaching, life celebrations, and workshops to both individuals and groups, and continuing education seminars and retreats to social workers and other mental health professionals. She has appeared on both national radio and public television. You can reach her at 207-620-0792 or at tammiefowles@gmail.com


    There is growing evidence for the benefits of mindfulness on our health and well-being, but what does it actually mean to be mindful and how can it help us achieve greater wellness? Put simply, mindfulness is where we focus on our thoughts, feelings and environment. We do not pass any judgment on these and concentrate on just


    In "Life's Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest," Christina Baldwin suggests the following practice before going to sleep. First, pause and review the day, and then write a brief statement, selecting one experience that you've recalled that you are willing to acknowledge as a spiritual gift from the day. Complete your entry with


    We are committed to supporting mental health and allied health professionals by offering high quality training as well as providing opportunities for growth, renewal and self-care. Our workshops are small, occur in a warm and inviting home-like setting, and focus on meeting the individual needs and goals of each participant.


    A great number of families today are demanding memorial services that are as unique and special as the person who has died. A service that no longer focuses on death, but on the celebration of life; a celebration that is unforgettable, creative, and completely personal.



SagePlace is a community based counseling, training,and learning center offering visitors a wide array of opportunities to enhance healing and emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. It is also a gathering place for discussion and support groups, a place of quiet and serenity,and a lovely warm and welcoming haven that encourages self-expression, personal balance, self-care, and community.